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Acoustic insulation
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رامان فیدار سازه-کارخانه

Raman Fidar Sazeh Company is the manufacturer of hi-tech edge solution building products, such as different kinds of thermal and acoustic insulation systems and structural fireproofing plasters.


Employing the modern technology of the world, engineering science, and advanced equipment of production line, Raman Fidar Sazeh Co. manufactures insulators and sprayable mortars, especially thermal, sound, and anti-vibration insulators and structural passive fire protection systems. The main goal of Raman Fidar Sazeh Co. is to provide high-quality products to optimize energy consumption in buildings, prevent loss of energy and the national capital, and improve the safety of buildings in fires. Raman factory is located in the Caspian II Industrial town in Qazvin province and currently provides four different products in the market. It is worth mentioning that all products of the company hold credible national and international technical certificates and standards.