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The prime goal of “Raman Sazeh” is to produce profesional building materials to increase the welfare and living quality of householders. In this regard, the implementation of thermal barriers between internal and external environments, as well as the use of effective thermal insulators in buildings, is always of great importance.

The product ISOLTECO, in different types, is a powerful thermal insulator designed as a dry mortar. The main components of this product are cement, light grains of politerm, and different types of other special additives.

The ISOLTECO thermal insulator, in three types with the densities of 110, 150, and 230, are produced as dry mortar and supplied in 9 and 16kg bags.

The product ISOLTECO is produced in 60 and 70 liters bags. This product can be applied with manual and spraying methods.

The products of Raman Fidar Sazeh consistent with the modern global technology and compatible with the environment, are a reliable choice for qualitative improvement of the building industry of our great country, Iran.

  • Application Method

In order to apply ISOLTECO, at first, sloping should be performed to prepare for the spraying of mortar with the required thickness on the even surface. Then, the work surface is wetted using spraying equipment to soak the surface completely.

The product is mixed with 10 liters water for about 5 minutes, and then it is ready to be sprayed. The spraying is performed evenly, and then, the surface is smoothed with special darbies to obtain the desired thickness.

After the sprayed materials are dried, the clamps are slowly separated, and their empty places are filled manually with mortar. It should be mentioned that in the case of using cement clamps, they can be kept under the work surface.

In order to achieve a more level and clean surface, softening can be performed using specific trowels. Afterward, finishing is conducted by adding the product named “Monocap,” another product of Raman Fidar Sazeh Co.

In this stem, “Monocap” is placed on the first layer using a trowel. For better adherence and strength, fiber mesh can also be used. In the last step, the product “Ecap,” which is the specific color of this insulator, is used for more cleanness.

Due to their permeability, Ecap and Monocap improve the durability of the ISOLTECO layer.


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