A summary of the services of Raman Fidar Sazeh Co.

– Raman Fidar Sazeh with the minimum production capacity of 40 tons per day, can provide the ordered materials of your project in the shortest time.

– After receiving the order and conducting the financial and office affairs, your ordered materials can be stored in the covered warehouse of the company.

– Quality control of the structure surface bed before passive fire protection execution and sending comprehensive technical reports of surface bed quality for respected clients are among the services provided by Raman Fidar Sazeh Co. in projects.

– Quality control, supervision of the application, and preparation and dispatch of the related reports for the respected applicators and clients, guarantee the final quality of our products.

– Supervision of cargo loading and provision of consulting services for optimum loading in order to reduce the prime costs of the execution for honored applicators and clients are the other services of Raman Fidar Sazeh Co.